Tyler History

  • Watt Street United Brethren Church 1907-1915

    "1907-1915. This is where it all started. Rev. George Tyler, pastor of the Watt Street United Brethren Church, felt a need to begin a church on the west side of Chillicothe. He rented the building shown, at the corner of High Street and Allen Avenue, which is still standing. With his choir and others interested in the project, he began a series of evangelistic services on May 30, 1907. At the end of eight weeks there were sufficient numbers to start a congregation. Mr. and Mrs. Emmitt Ater were charter members and lived right behind the church, on Allen Ave., part of their house is showing in the picture. This picture was given to our historical file by Mrs. Thomas (Anna) Weaver, also a charter member."

    (Information for the above was written on a note by Gladys Wagner in 1982)

    We moved from High Street to our current location in 1915.

    The building on the corner of High Street and Allen Avenue is now known (in 2017) as Church of Deliverance and has been remodeled and expanded.

    Contributed by Jake Vollmar/Church Historian

  • Tyler Gospel Band

    This group known as the “Tyler Gospel Band” played and sang for various church services, prisons, social gatherings, and radio programs in the southern Ohio area. The band was organized in 1935 and remained active throughout the early 1940's. Six of the 12 young men became ministers, one a Mead Paper executive, while the other five were in various types of businesses. Pictured are: William Self, mandolin; Coyt Morgan, Spanish guitar; William Jefferis, Hawaiian guitar; Carl Butterbaugh, washbaord; Basil Duhl, mandolin; Virgil Drummond, Spanish guitar; Ed Angus, jug; Forrest Drummond, violin; Milford Ater, sliding whistle; Clarence Leach, Spanish guitar; and Wendell Bryan, Spanish guitar.

     Contributed by Jake Vollmar/Church Historian

  • More to Come

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