2015 11 November

Greetings to all who call themselves the believers who worship at Tyler UMC. You need a reminder here early in this November month; actually a few reminders. Listen closely because there are a few things to remember. These include being servants, time, looking forward to Advent and being blessed to be a part of this family of faith. Oh; I almost forgot, but just remembered; there is food to think about also!

Reminder number 1 is to make sure that you have your clocks turned back before Sunday morning worship this week. Marsha and I usually do this just as we are going to sleep the night before. If all goes well, we will still see all of you Sunday morning at 9:15 a.m.

As you read this, we have just finished up our annual celebration of All Saints Day, or Halloweenie for us here at Tyler. We did as the whole community does each year; we gave out candy, but it is not about the candy at all. It is about you, all of you. You gave again with such generosity that it all went beyond putting any number on it. Your giving has turned into a blessing for small and tall ones that you probably don’t even know. All you know is that whatever their size, they went down our sidewalk blessed beyond what they imagined. Just to say thank you does fall far short of what my heart feels because of all of your giving. But, for all of the mounds of candy, all the packages of buns, all of the juiciness of so many hot dogs and the warmth of the beverages; my hands go together. For the ones who spend the time at the end of the parking lot in the cold; my voice gives God praise for all of you. You are the real sweetness that was given out on Thursday evening!

In somewhat the same line of action, all of you servants who open our doors for the community, I thank God also for these places where we see the rest of the community. Sam and the men’s group just served yet another fabulous meal at their monthly Food Kitchen. The new Friends On Friday has done well the first two weeks with over 20 people already attending at each one. November 6th, the men’s group and Ignite Youth are feeding folks in Yocktangee Park as part of the annual Homeless Awareness gathering. Tyler’s annual Christmas Bazaar is this coming Saturday, November 7th and there will be a lot of people again visiting us as part of their annual preparation for the holidays. The Chillicothe Civic Theater just finished their latest play at the Majestic after doing their practices here at Tyler and the Neighborhood Watch is now back in action meeting here regularly.

In reminding you about all of this, there comes this question for each of you. Are you important in this church? Is this church important to this community? Best and only answer to both is definitely YES. I have said it before and you exhibit each week far beyond Sunday mornings; faith is so much more than singing, praising and prayer; it is about building relationships at every level that we are able to do. After all, God has always wanted a personal relationship with us; right!

Ps. 22:26-27 The poor will eat and be satisfied; they who seek the Lord will praise him — may your hearts live forever! All the ends of the earth will remember and turn to the Lord, and all the families of the nations will bow down before him.

Within our walls are so many riches and blessings for all. Look forward with me please to the last of this month too. Connie and I have laid the groundwork for Advent and we hope that your faith will be blessed by all that is planned. The whole season will be to magnify God’s love for us. Look for big things to happen this Christmas!

I thank all of you disciples at the corner of Mill and Church Streets.

Pastor Don Mundy

Tyler Memorial United Methodist Church