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Morning Word

If there has ever been any doubt of your “salvation”, fear not.

The Good News of Jesus Christ is that you are saved.

Christ came into the World to save sinners.

That is the Power in the Blood...

Jesus was killed because he opened God’s Love to EVERYONE!

He opened the door unconditionally to anyone that wants to come inside.

Before Christ, there were some very strict rules and regulations in place to decide who was “in” and who was “out”; there were laws in place that actually kept certain people from being allowed into God’s Grace, or from being “clean”.

But the wisdom of the Gospel is that The Son shines on the righteous and the unrighteous.

The darkness of condemnation is really only found when we close our eyes to the Truth and stop believing that God’s Grace is sufficient for us all.

There is no shadow cast in the Light of God, just a bunch of hand puppets trying to tell their story.

So what’s your story?

Is it one of fear; is it one of regret; is it one of condemnation…?

Or is your story one of peace; one of love; one of hope?

Is our story one of salvation and redemption…?

You better believe it.