Knowing Jesus

Becoming a Christian is the most important thing you will ever do.

It will not only impact where you will spend eternity. It will also allow you to experience a more fulfilled life as you move toward a life that is closer to God's plan for you. For those of us at Tyler Church, it would be our greatest joy for you to become a Christian.


To Become a Christian

To become a Christian you don't need to be perfect or even good. None of us are good, because we all have messed up and not lived God's plan for us. (Romans 3:23)


Results of Our Separation From God

The results of our separation from God can be seen throughout the world in the horrible things people sometimes do. The result is an emptiness now, and ultimately, eternal separation from God. That eternal separation is referred to as "Hell." And "Heaven" is spending eternity with God. (Romans 6:23)

The Great News of God's Love

The great news is that God loves us beyond what we are capable of loving anyone, even though we don't deserve it. But since God is perfect, a penalty must be paid for the evil choices we have made. The great news is that God sent a perfect solution. His name is Jesus Christ. Jesus lived a perfect life on earth and was murdered as payment for our rebelliousness against God. His sacrifice is a gift from God. (Romans 5:8, John 3:16)


Receiving The Gift

The process for receiving the gift is pretty straight forward, but because of our rebellion and unwilliness to submit to God's authority, many people choose not to take this gift. First, you need to pray, which is talking to God -- out loud or silently does not matter. He hears. It does not need to be fancy. He will hear and understand. (Romans 10:13)


Pray From Your Heart

As you pray, in your heart, you need to believe and tell him the following key things. You are deeply sorry for rebelling against him, and need his forgiveness. You know Jesus died on the cross for you. You don't want to rebel against God any more and you ask for forgiveness. You want to invite Jesus into your heart and life. You trust Jesus as the one who will save you from your rebellion against God and you will submit to him as your perfect master. And you thank God for saving you. Amen! (Romans 10:9)


A Changed Life as a Christian

Whatever words you used, if you prayed in this way and believed it with all your heart, then you are a Christian and your life is changed. Praise God! Please tell a friend who you know is a Christian about this, and please get connected with a local church where you can go to church, learn more about Jesus, join in community with other Christians, and be baptized. (Romans 10:13)


But I Haven't Prayed

If you have never and did not pray this prayer in your heart then please know that we are praying for you. Please know that no matter how you have been hurt and how much you've messed up, God loves you and he made you uniquely and for a special purpose. He has an awesome plan for you. And please know that we don't understand this all either. How could we ever understand the creator of the universe? So, becoming a Christian is less about knowing all the details and more about just submitting to God and acknowledging Jesus. So, please consider and ponder this. This is the most important thing you will ever do.


Contact Us, We Care

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