Chillicothe Tutoring Initiative

About CTI 

The Chillicothe Tutoring Initiative (CTI) is a joint venture between The Learning Enhancement Coalition and the Chillicothe and Ross County Public Library to provide in-school tutoring for elementary-age students whose reading skills fall below their grade level. The CTI works in partnership with churches and businesses to recruit tutors and volunteers willing to lead programs in their local schools.

Our Mission

To ensure that every child is reading at grade level and acquires a love for reading by the end of the program.

Desired Outcomes

Each tutor has a caring, encouraging relationship with their student

Each volunteer successfully employs tutoring techniques

Each student gains proficiency in reading comprehension, fluency, the ability to decode unfamiliar words

Each student develops an expanded vocabulary

Each student gain confidence in their ability to read and to learn

Each student acquires a love for books and for reading

Each student is reading at grade level by the end of the school year

Each tutor has a rewarding experience and will desire to tutor in the future

For volunteering information, please contact Mike Jones at CRCPL 740-702-4145