2016 January

     So much of what I say to the believers at Tyler Church is not “Front Page” news

at all. Looking back over a few of my writings, I now see that they could have been written a little better had I taken the time to make sure that the love of Jesus that stays within me was let out. This is what I am hoping to do for the

New Year.                            

     Like most of you, it is at this time of the year that I start making lists for the New Year; resolutions and all that. You know you do it too! As we make those lists we are resolving and do so with serious conviction that we resolve to see to completion.

     Let’s agree on a few things here and now. First off, do make that list, but don’t think of all of your shortcomings, focus on those values that you know that are gifts from Christ himself given solely to you. List those things that you love to do as you are a servant for Christ; there are many as I have been witness to. Make the list and stop to look at it.

     See the content and make the intent to resolve to do something with those strengths. For THIS year, there is no need to come near to figuring out what it is about anything that is a weakness in you. Remember the last program cover from worship in 2015; “I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength”.

     List made and reviewed. Be content with what you have described before you. It is good! It is and has direction. It has purpose and I can see that it is your personal gift to everyone around you. Oh yes, be sure to understand too that when you are loving the world as Christ has called you to do, those things that you thought were shortcomings or things that you didn’t like are not nearly as big or bad as first thought of. This world needs you just as you are with all those strengths and gifts.

     In what you bring into the new year, in your list is a very serious and dear core value for me to bring out; as if you didn’t already know it. When your focus is on those around you, you are doing exactly the same thing Jesus told all of his very first students of the Christian faith. You are making and building relationships with those around you. You are saying that they are loved and they see it in your eyes and thus know that what you say is coming from your heart. Why, your name could easily be Peter or James or Paul. Oh, and by the way, my resolve is to continue loving you as Christ first called me to do the very first day I laid eyes on you! May the God of all creation continue His blessing on you in this year of our Lord 2016!