2015 December

    Christmas blessings and Christ’s presence with all of you in the New Year!


    In all of our lives, these things are paramount and need to be acknowledged regularly.


    Christ’s blessing is for ALL who believe in Him and Christ’s presence will surely be with and remain with those who truly believe. Please, read the text above once more before you move on. It will help you to hold it in your memory and your heart also in the coming days as we venture now into Advent. Looking forward in our journey this year, I want you to think of going to Christmas in a different light. As you make the journey to Christ’s side; which of these are you?


    Are you a wise person? Are you a shepherd? Are you one of the residents of Bethlehem?


            • Wise man, wise woman! Like the three of old who rode camels toward the star; you are looking for more faith than you had before. For many it takes a lot of reading, a lot of research, checking again those things already known, a lot of making sure everything is correct and in place. So often as we are in faith, thoughts and events occur along the way that raise new questions in our mind about who we are and how solid is our faith. For those in faith who are in need of more solid information, these times will take us back to reading, back to the Bible and Scriptures hoping to see more than we did before. It is my hope that you will find it easily and that you will enjoy it and hang onto it in your heart this Christmas.


            • Shepherds; are you out there? Have you heard this year that there is good news beyond compare? Have you been informed about God’s great love? Have you seen the signs and miracles from the prophets of old? Do you not now see the wonderful value that you bring to this great, world changing event over in Bethlehem? You, shepherds are the image, the way, the people who will first proclaim the good news to all about God’s own son right here now on this earth, always going forward to new things that you must go to the side of the newborn King; it is you!


            • Are you one of the residents of Bethlehem? Contrary to popular belief, you are not inhospitable. You are the reason that God chose this town, this place for his image to come to earth.  After all, God is the sustainer of life and the giver of life and eternal life. Jesus has told everyone that He is the “bread of life” You of Bethlehem are to be the host of that bread. You are chosen by God. Never lose sight of being a resident here and always remember to invite all who are in need of shelter. That is what you do well especially at this time of year. Keep on doing just that!


    Different people, all of the same mind though. All are looking for the good news from God. All are actively seeking the savoir for their personal life. It is about relationship and not religion. It is about coming close and staying near to the heart of God. It is wanting to be counted as one who knows the Christ-child because that child will save the world and certainly those who believe genuinely in him. God does still love this world and he still talks to wise ones, shepherds and residents of Bethlehem and Chillicothe.

    Merry Christmas from Pastor Don & Marsha!