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Due to issues beyond our control we had to leave our previous website and move to another.

Please bear in mind that this new site is still under construction and will NOT have all the information our previous site did right away.

We will focus on the main events, calendar and news to start with before adding in other details like our church history and staff information.

Right now only some very basic items are in.

Thank you,

Your fellow follower in faith and Webmaster Randy Smith


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The new United Methodist Handbook is now available in an easy-to-read and share digital format.

The Handbook is among the best resources for laity providing leadership, people new to The United Methodist Church and clergy who occasionally get stumped by a question. It includes:

• United Methodist teachings,
• church structure and organization,
• denominational initiatives,
• what it means to be a worldwide church,
• connectional giving information,
• a glossary of United Methodist terms … and much more.

You can also download the Handbook for off-line reading, print pages for new member classes, leader training and other events and send it to others.